Fiberglass Screen

ScreenGuard fiberglass screen wire is a lightweight, easy to install solution for screening windows and doors. The fiberglass construction is rust proof, prevents dents and creases, and has a long lasting life. Great for use as insect screen for both doors and windows.

Available sizes and colors

Model #Product TypeColorAvailable Size
155272Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal36-in X 25-ft
155265Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal36-in X 84-in
155333Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal48-in X 84-in
155289Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal48-in X 100-in
155258Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal48-in X 25-ft
155364Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal8-in X 100-ft
155296Fiberglass ScreenCharcoal36-in X 100-ft
155302Fiberglass ScreenGray 36-in X 84-in
155319Fiberglass ScreenGray48-in X 84-in
155326Fiberglass ScreenGray36-in X 25-ft


Origin Point Brands produces a variety of screen wire and accessories to cover many different applications.

Our aluminum and fiberglass screen wire comes in black, charcoal, or bright and are available in a variety or sizes to meet your needs.